Snapshot Detroit: The Fisher Building

The Fisher Building is an iconic Detroit landmark that doesn’t get as much attention on other skyscrapers in the city. This is probably due to its location slightly north of downtown in New Center. Nevertheless, it’s looming presence is recognizable from multiple points in Detroit and has been since 1928. An office building with retail, it is also home to the Fisher Theater – a popular live production venue.

Oddly enough, I find myself in New Center more often than downtown lately – thus the inspiration for some snapshots. The area is a lot quieter than downtown and Midtown but it probably won’t be for long. The M-1 rail will be done before we know it and ease of public transportation from one part of the city to another is bound to increase demand for retail and residential options. And unlike Midtown and downtown, there is a stock of single-family homes in walking distance to this urban center. This includes the popular Pallister Street, a quaint pedestrian only block that is home to some of the most beautiful houses in Detroit.

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