Happy Friday!

If you haven’t already seen it, you must check out Stephen Colbert hosting the public access show, Only In Monroe. It is 41 minutes of awkward hilarity with special guest Marshall Mather aka Eminem. This special feature is part of the lead to Stephen taking over the Late Show in the fall and it definitely has me interested. I thought he was going to host the new show as the real-human Stephen Colbert but he was borderline fake-character Stephen Colbert in the clip. I’m happy with either but it’ll be interesting to see what happens. Other fun things: it’s amazing to see the difference camera/lighting quality makes and the absence of a laugh track. Local favorite Eminem can be so uncomfortable to watch in interviews and I can never really tell if it’s on purpose or not. Since he has a young daughter I have to believe this time he was acting.

Other weekend excitement. I’m meeting my former professor this afternoon and I’m looking forward to catching up. Tonight, is a family dinner with Aunt Mikki and her family – Mexican Fiesta style. Tomorrow, I’ll be in the city for a solo blogging adventure,. Later Melissa is coming over for a walk, we haven’t seen each other in forever so we’ll have plenty to chat about. Tash is coming over in the evening for some Catan – maybe Ticket to Ride too. Sunday we’re heading to Midland for a party for Cindel. Anything else I accomplish will be a definite bonus.

P.S. More Colbert comedy – this time in a car with Jerry Seinfield

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