Happy Friday!

Shipping container Lofts, Detroit Innovation abounds in Detroit and it’s latest iteration is on display in North Corktown. These lovely lofts are made from shipping containers! I’m all for green designs and using what you have but I’m curious about how climate control works in these units. Regardless, they look cool and make me want to read the Boxcar Children again. More than anything these new lofts fit my ‘blink and it’s different’ motto for Detroit these days. I posted pictures from Greektown this week on Instagram and even though we were there three weeks ago it’s already changed significantly. It’s so hard to explain this city to other but it’s an amazing place and I can honestly not imagine what it will look like in a few years.

This weekend I’m working. It’s a huge project that I’ve been honestly dreading; however, it is a better overall experience than I anticipated so positive thoughts. Tonight, I promised Danny I’d try to set up a BSG boardgame night and then forgot – oops. Perhaps there is still time. Tomorrow, I work and will go to a bonfire at the Hakalas in the evening. Sunday, I’m going to hang out with Cara. I also have aspirations for cleaning and the gym.

P.S. I really want to try this

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