Happy Friday

Katharine Hepburn, brownies, New York Times

I’ve been blessed to know almost exclusively great people in my life – like really. Sure, there have been some pills but most the time I’m surrounded by sweet and thoughtful peeps. Take this brownie recipe for example. Napapond is a college friend I haven’t seen in years but she knows I love Katharine Hepburn and when she saw this recipe she thought to post it on my Facebook page. It made my day and I can’t wait to try the recipe this weekend.

Also on the weekend line-up. Serious cleaning and purging. I think a trip to the Salvation Army will be on the agenda. I’m getting lunch with Melissa today – ‘perks’ of reduced hours… Tomorrow I get my baby girl – although she’s really not a baby anymore. We haven’t had Gwen for a sleepover in forever and I’m looking forward to a literal Detroit Adventure. We’re going to meet Lindsey and the girls at the Market in the morning and I’m planning on some beignets but we’ll see what happens. Sunday, I’ll take a nap on the couch as Gwen watches Curious George and plays with her toys… In the afternoon, I’m meeting up with Cara – we’ll probably avoid the 9 mile walk at Kensington we did last Sunday. In the evening, Gina will come over for our OUAT hiatus/HGTV hangout.

P.S. A Kate essential 

Photo credit: New York Times

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