Lucas Month 4


Our little man is coming into his own and he has a sweet, fun personality. He continues to be inquisitive and captivated by the world around him.

He loves his Piggy and lamb rattle. They are key soothing tools/chew toys. Aunt B likes to remind him they are ‘friends not food’ but he’s not convinced.

His first tooth has cut and he has been such a trooper about it. He whines/cries on occasion but nothing unreasonable.

He is better at tummy time but it is not his favorite. For that reason and because he is almost always held, his interest in rolling over is nil.

He is a great reader and is legitimately attentive; however, he probably enjoys watching sports more.

He loves looking at lights/chandeliers and mobiles.

He likes to listen to music and will occasionally do the cutest little jig.

Danny is his favorite buddy. They laugh and are silly together.

I’m his favorite pillow – which is purposeful on my part. I love that he is my cuddle buddy and admit that we spend a good part of our sleeping hours cuddled up.

Constant cuddles and adoration from us has made him a bit needy. He’s great for sitters but everyone notes that he loves to be held – a lot. He will smile and coo for attention (it makes me a bit nervous for daycare next week).

He doesn’t ‘talk’ as much but he enthusiastically screams to communicate. He’ll yell so much I think he’s hurting his esophagus but he is extremely proud of his skills and too too cute.

Danny nicked named him ‘Little Meat Ball’ (LMB) and I called him Buppy. We both called him Buddy since before he was born but after going to a house with a dog named Buddy,  I unconsciously altered it.

He is a great eater and I am interested to learn how much he weighs and how tall he is; although I don’t think ‘tall’ will be an accurate definition.

Let’s just say he’s the absolute best and we adore him.



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