Dreaming of our new house! We have big plans for every room but the one I’m looking forward to most is the kitchen. The house comes with black appliances, it’s not what I would pick but there is no reason to replace them. Consequently, I was thrilled to see this kitchen because the colors – especially the black hardware – seem to be the perfect way to blend the black with our lighter color theme. I’m hoping it will all turns out and perhaps be featured on my favorite blog.

Wanting all the things! Especially, new bakeware. Most of ours is rusted and our mixing bowls are plastic, bright and make me cringe. So yeah… this, this and many of these will be purchased.

Wearing shirts from Abercrombie. Yes, the 90s are back. I don’t know that they realize this but their tops are PERFECT for nursing/pumping AND the working world. I could not be happier with these finds. They’re on clearance so if you need tops order now – I’m 10lbs over my normal weight, normally wear a medium and am wearing an XS so shop with that in mind. Previously unshared tops can be found here and here.

Reading A LOT! Every night Lucas and I hang out in bed. We play/read until he falls asleep, then I read grown up books. I recently finished Liars and Saints and The Truth According to Us. They were both great and it took me only a few days to read them. I plan to write more thorough reviews but if I don’t get to it – I recommend them – especially the latter.

Listening to NPR and cringing at the state of the world. The hate is too much. We need to judge people on their heart and individual actions – not their associations.

Running with Danny – sometimes. I miss running. I miss being able to run effortlessly. I realize I need to run to make that happen but it’s not really inspiring. I’m hoping I can keep plugging away at it and if not start spin classes to lose this baby weight.

Watching Danny play Pokemon. I don’t play but I’m not a hater. I think it’s a harmless game that reminds people of better times. It also gets people on their feet and talking. Sounds good to me! My only beef with the game is that I begged Danny to walk with me for ages and now he’s ALL about it!

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