Happy Friday


This year we’ve gotten back to cooking and have been doing well with meal planning. It’s been great to make restaurant quality meals and I hope to share some of our favorites soon.

One we tried this week was a chicken and waffles. I hate frying food but Danny is great at and did a wonderful job. He found the chicken recipe and made the waffles from scratch.

My contribution to the meal was the greens. It’s not an item we’ve typically had at our house but they’re becoming a staple. During our chat, Emily mentioned that Detroit Vegan Soul has really good greens that get her Southern husband’s stamp of approval. Since we’ll be on the Eastside this weekend, I’m thinking we might make a stop.

As to weekend plans, it’s another three day weekend (can’t all weekends be three days?). Lucas is spending the day with his best friend so we’ll be having dinner there tonight. We’re also making a family shopping trip to IKEA to fantasize about kitchen upgrades. Last Saturday was supposed to be date day but we were forced to postpone – we’ll try again this weekend. Sunday we’re going to church with Granny and she’s having us for lunch. Gina is coming for Fixer Upper in the evening. Monday, I’m meeting up with Melissa to hear about her amazing two week vacation in Asia and otherwise relishing in a weekday with my little man.

P.S. On my Detroit to-try list


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