Fast Four


I love the Golden Era of Hollywood and really enjoyed watching FEUD. Tomorrow I’ll be in the same room with one of Hollywood’s last remaining stars, Jane Fonda. I’ve admired her for decades and never thought I’d have the chance to be in the same room with her.

This Korean Beef Bowl recipe is quick, easy and delicious. A perfect weekday meal. Tip: Danny added some Chinese Five spice.

Jordan Edwards. My heart hurts for his family and all black families. How can skin pigmentation create such fear in grown men (and women) that they use deadly force? Brooklyn 99 just happened to address this issue with police and black men this week – it did a good job of keeping the show’s humor while addressing a serious topic.

If the news of the week was too depressing for you, check out Ashley’s posts about her trip to Thailand. Her blog always gives me wanderlust and I hope we’re able to give Lucas similar enriching experiences.

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