Must-See TV

Jimmy Fallon continues to do a great job with The Tonight Show.  His post-Super Bowl Lip Sync Battle was fantastic.  It’s long but worth it.  It also starts on a very high note with Will Ferrell’s performance.  Since this is some people’s Monday, I figure why not start on a fun note.

Happy Friday!

As promised The West Wing’s Big Block of Cheese speech. Our White House’s version was virtual, the answers were not earth shattering given the 140 character restriction but I was impressed by the number of accounts they had running.  A short “stunt” on Twitter might not seem like a big deal but I think it’s … More Happy Friday!

Happy Friday!

A testament to true love, Danny went on Pinterest for party ideas.  He found signature Gone with the Wind cocktail recipes that are fantastic! I’ll definitely be making them again (this weekend for example) and highly recommend the Rhett Butler. The Rhett 2oz Southern Comfort 1/2oz fresh lime juice 1/2oz fresh lemon juice 1/2 oz … More Happy Friday!


A Different World, Good Times, Family Matters, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and Hanging with Mr. Cooper (among others) are all family shows with predominantly black casts that appealed to a wide audience and used to be popular television on the network stations. For reasons I’m sure others have explained, the big four stopped producing … More Blackish

The Americans

Lindsey and I recently started watching The Americans on Amazon Prime.  It’s a good show.  Dark but not too dark (at least not yet – we’re only six episodes in).  As a Rusaphile it’s always easy for me to sympathize with the Russians and this show is no exception.  Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys are … More The Americans