Happy Friday!

As promised The West Wing’s Big Block of Cheese speech. Our White House’s version was virtual, the answers were not earth shattering given the 140 character restriction but I was impressed by the number of accounts they had running.  A short “stunt” on Twitter might not seem like a big deal but I think it’s cool.  It’s important for people to know that their government is listening or at least looking at what they have to say.  After nearly six years in constituent services I can confidently state that most people simply want someone to listen.  
As for the weekend, tonight is ladies night. Since season 3 of The Americans begins on FX, Lindsey and I can finally watch season 2 on Prime.  I’m nervous and excited, the show is so suspenseful I can hardly stand it.  Saturday morning I’m going to go cross-country skiing with my sister-in-laws and Cara.  I’m hoping the snow sticks around because I really want to go.  After that Danny and I are going on a little road trip with Mr. B.  It’ll be an interesting adventure.  Sunday, I’m heading to the Eastside with Mom and B for church with Granny.  I will also try and find something fun to blog about.  

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