The Americans

Lindsey and I recently started watching The Americans on Amazon Prime.  It’s a good show.  Dark but not too dark (at least not yet – we’re only six episodes in).  As a Rusaphile it’s always easy for me to sympathize with the Russians and this show is no exception.  Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys are fantastic and have great chemistry.  If you haven’t heard of the show Russell and Rhys play Elizabeth and Philip Jennings, Soviet spies who have collected intelligence for the U.S.S.R. for decades and are forced to face the consequence of Cold War escalation after Ronald Reagan is elected President in 1980.

The concept of infiltration fascinates me.  The Jennings have been in the United States for 20 years and yet they have an unwavering loyalty to their country and their cause.  It’s a hard idea for me to wrap my head around but I suppose if I moved to Ohio (our Midwestern enemy) I would still be a Michigander for life.

The other aspect of the show I’m eager to learn more about is their life together and their relationship with their children.  They married for an assignment but have had to entrust their lives to the other person for decades. It’s clear there is an element of love in the marriage now but I’m interested to see where it came from.  Their children were born out of necessity and not necessarily desire.  I also want to learn more about their feelings towards them and their relationship with them.  Here’s hoping for another mini-marathon this weekend to learn more.

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