The Americans

Lindsey and I recently started watching The Americans on Amazon Prime.  It’s a good show.  Dark but not too dark (at least not yet – we’re only six episodes in).  As a Rusaphile it’s always easy for me to sympathize with the Russians and this show is no exception.  Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys are … More The Americans


The older I get the more I enjoy the Olympics.  This year I have particular interest since Russia is the host.  To be clear I love Imperial Russia not Communist or current Russia.  The history, culture and language have been close to my heart since I was a young and can’t be diminished.   Consequently, the … More Со́чи

Weekend Update

I had a super fun, super busy weekend.   Friday, I rushed to the gym to get my workout on.  I’m really glad I’m in a gym going mood AND a running mood these days.  If I can get my diet under control I bet I would have some pretty sweet results.  After my workout … More Weekend Update