Bedroom Reveal

I cleaned and organized the top level of the townhouse this weekend!  What a relief.  And we completely cleared out the old apartment – it’s now cleaner than any time when we lived there.  Here’s the bedroom with little wish list details  based on my Sarah Richardson bedroom dream!

  1. Headboard: I don’t know if I want to buy it or make it.
  2. Photo frame: I’ll but our wedding photos in there
  3. End table
  4. Paint: Yes you read that right.  Danny and I are suckers for punishment and really like the feel of a painted place.
  5. Curtains
  6. Dresser
  7. Mirrors
  8. Lamps
  9. End seats
  10. Chandelier

I want to focus on the downstairs so this stuff is mostly far off but it’s something to think about.

My closet appears disorganized but it isn’t. Every article of clothing has its place and is organized by style.  Danny’s side is clearly a boy area.

To maximize space I converted an old shoe holder into an exercise clothes storage area.

The closets here are large and you can walk in them even though they’re technically not walk-in closets.  I don’t  know how I’ll ever manage to downgrade my closet space when we get a house one day.

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