Bathroom and Office

The bathroom is definitely a highlight of our new place.  It’s very spacious and has a huge closet that I can store everything in.  And I mean EVERYTHING! The only thing I want on the counter is soap… and candles (sample is purely for convenience I couldn’t find a better color sample).

Some other things I want is art.  The Michigan fixture of our new place will be the lakes, highlighted in the bathroom with art I hope to find at an art fair.  Aunt Margaret bought us the rug and Danny bought himself the shower curtain.  I also want a tall vase and to figure out how to make the towels look good.

A down the road bonus will be a laundry basket seat to fit in the space under the counter.
And here’s my office/movie room/guest bedroom.  Aside from a couch cover I’m not doing anything with this room.

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