New Neighbor Gift

A couple weeks ago I posted about giving a small gift to our new neighbors and I actually followed through.  
I found some cute bags for $1 at Target, picked up two bags of Hershey kisses from CVS for $5 and used ribbon and paper from home to make the rest.  I tied the ends of the ribbon together, took out my basket and hung each bag on our neighbor’s mailboxes.  It looked really cute and I desperately wanted to take a picture of the look but I didn’t want to appear weird (the whole purpose is to make a GOOD impression after all).  
It was perfect timing too because Saturday night we locked ourselves out of the house.  The one neighbor who is moving his dad out of the townhouse was very friendly and introduced us to the neighbors on the end – Steve, Kimberly and their kids Nathan and Olivia – who called the emergency number for us and offered to  let us wait in their house.  
I’ve yet to see our other neighbors but hopefully the candy bag sent out some positive, friendly vibes for  when we do.

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