Who You Gonna Call? No one, call no one

If you have a concern with a corporation do not call their 800 number.  It’s a waste of time.  Danny and I spent months complaining to Sprint that we get no service at home.  Our phones were reconfigured and when that didn’t work we were told we could get an Airave for a monthly fee, that there were not Airaves available and that we live in a brick building and sound waves can’t travel through brick.  I’d given up in utter frustration and hit up Twitter.  A few hours later I got a response.

After some more communication (that I was not expedient at responding to) I received a call today that I should expect a free Airave in the mail with the sole requirement being I return it when we stop our service.  I’ll be keeping this thing forever because I love Sprint.  Even without service at home it was still a bargain and I told them that on Twitter and in the email.  Working in customer service I am very conscious of how I treat people on the other end of the phone or computer and I hope that it paid off in this unexpectedly rewarding experience.

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