Weekend Update

I had another busy weekend and did many things; however, it I’m honest I could have accomplished more.
Friday:  Movie night turned into chat night.  I ordered the deep dish pizza I’d been craving and took a nap before Melissa came over.  We drank wine and talked weddings, jobs, housing, life in general.  I confided in her about Operation Donnie Kelly Baby and was surprised to find her receptive lol.  Kat couldn’t make it but we’re going to search for a make up date.
Saturday:  Thankfully the bottle of wine didn’t hit me too hard and I was good to go for the Angela Hospice Walk of Remembrance.  We walked for Mrs. B and it was very nice to see everyone.  No baby K but Erin was there and played with me so that was great.  
Thankfully I made it to the gym before we headed downtown to meet Cory and his new girlfriend for dinner and a Tigers game.  Linda is a sweetheart and way too good for Cory.  We had a fun night, made all the more memorable by the fact we left the game in the bottom of the 9th when the Tigers were down 6-0.  During our ride on the People Mover we learned the Tigers made a come back and they ended up winning the game!
Sunday: The Pope’s interview inspired me to go to church this weekend and I hit the lottery.  I found a social justice priest who told people they need to make their voting decisions with supporting the poor in their minds and hearts as much as the issue of abortion.  I LITERALLY almost applauded during the homily.  I told Danny we are definitely going to church so he needs to plan his sleep schedule accordingly.
Cory came over for the first half of the Lions game but we had to leave at half time to meet Cara/Matt and Lindsey/Brett at the Northville Winery.  I’d never been to a winery before and it was a fun activity.  For $4 you got 5 samples.  We all shared sips so I’m pretty sure we tried the entire menu.  It was fun to have my friends together and I think people enjoyed themselves.  Cara and Matt had to join his family for dinner so the rest of us went to P.F. Changs for dinner and I learned they took my favorite item off the menu!  No more Lamb Chengdu – very disappointing!
The rest of my evening was spent watching Will & Grace on Logo and The Cosby Show on Centric…

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