I’m not always happy but I’m always pro-happiness.  I think it’s the most important thing in life.  People can control almost nothing but they can control what makes them happy.  The happiness jar I created for MEP was a big success.  Forcing teenage girls to think about one thing that made them smile in a week of sour faces and tears makes a difference.   In my own life many little things make me happy.  Mention Kate Hepburn, Clark Gable or Battlestar Galactica and I’ll smile even if I don’t want to.  My desire to be happy enables me to be an easy going person and quite forgiving.  I don’t have time or interest in negativity. Don’t get me wrong I’m also crazy and neurotic and stress out about many things (including things that have no bearing on my life right now such as buying a home and daycare) but on the day to day I can usual find something to smile about.  
Today I read the 21 Habits of Supremely Happy People and found that I really hit the marks.  Not only that 21 is my favorite number!*  Here’s what the HuffPo identified as traits of happy people:
  1. They surround themselves with other happy people.
  2. They smile when they mean it.
  3. They cultivate resilience.
  4. They try to be happy. 
  5. They are mindful of the good.
  6. They appreciate simple pleasures.*
  7. They devote some of their time to giving.
  8. They let themselves lose track of time. (And sometimes they can’t help it.)
  9. They nix the small talk for deeper conversation. 
  10. They spend money on other people. 
  11. They make a point to listen. 
  12. They uphold in-person connections.
  13. They look on the bright side.
  14. They value a good mixtape.
  15. They unplug. 
  16. They get spiritual.
  17. They make exercise a priority.
  18. They go outside.
  19. They spend some time on the pillow.
  20. They LOL.
  21. They walk the walk.

There are definitely some areas I want to work on (being a better listener and unplugging from technology) but I feel like I’m on track with the other (particularly volunteering, exercise and sleeping).  What about you?  Are you a happy person?

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