October Round up

Another fun productive month!  My goals didn’t work out great but i’m feeling good about things!

October Goals:
  • Exercise 4 days a week <—– possibly accomplished
  • Go to church every Sunday <—– not even close
  • Finish Asia for the international literary project <—– nearly, I added a couple books 
  • Have a second month of successful budgeting
  • Keep up on detailed cleaning
  • Read the newspaper every day <—– If we count Perezhilton.com then yes
  • Have a date night with Danny every week
  • Go horsebackriding <—– I totally forgot to do this!
  • Relax

    Scheduled and prospective events:
    • CJ’s football game
    • Kensley’s birthday
    • Dinner at Cara’s
    • Dinners for Mr. B
    • Apple orchard with Danny
    • Watched Lions game with Cory
    • SNL at Hakala’s
    • Babysat Gwen
    • Breakfast with Cara
    • Graduation dinner for Mom at Aunt Margaret
    • Watched Tigers game with Shiremans
    • Wedding party anniversary brunch
    • Anniversary dinner at Dearborn Inn
    • Rashida Tlaib visited MEP
    • MGM for Danny’s birthday
    • Cranbrook gardens
    • Bar Louie with Kat and Jack

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