Valentine’s Day Surprise

Since our budget is the top priority I don’t worry about Valentine’s Day.  A card is appreciated and maybe a small treat but I don’t expect or need anything else.  This year I figured we’d relax at home and watch the Olympics but to my surprise Danny had other plans.

He rushed home from work on Friday to pick up scallops and made the best meal I’ve ever had!  It’s truly fantastic!  Danny loves to be the chef and always alters recipes.  For the scallops he used tarragon instead of chives and it was perfection!  I highly recommend the recipe. Note that the scallops aren’t seared because he didn’t have adequate time to dry them out.  
For an extra special treat Danny also surprised me with raspberry pistachio chocolate lava cake from a new Detroit baker.  Chez Chloe’s owner, Chloe moved from Paris to Detroit a few months ago and we are suckers for anything with a hint of Europe.  When I read about her holiday special on Model D I immediately sent it to Danny as a Valentine suggestion.  Since Chez Chloe doesn’t have a store front but sells at local stores and delivers, Danny let me believe it was too complicated to figure out.  Consequently, I was very pleased when he pulled out the treat for dessert.  They are a little pricey at $5 each; however, they are rich and can be shared (although you probably won’t want to share one).

To end our night we watched a romantic comedy.  This is quite rare for us and was done by accident.  Danny picked the movie via Netflix because the words time travel were in the summary.  Turns out Safety Not Guaranteed is not a sci-fi film but an small budget romance.  Danny felt tricked but we both enjoyed the film.

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