Kate Down Under

The Cambridges are on a royal tour and I couldn’t be happier.  I’m thoroughly enjoying the daily dose of Kate Middleton on my newsfeed.  She is a fashion icon and I love to see her latest look.  More than that, I enjoy seeing her wear the same outfit like a normal person.

One Kate staple I love and am eager to copy is this simple striped shirt.  I’ve wanted one for awhile and it’s next up on my to-buy list.

A look I don’t have to steal is this sweater because I bought one very similar last year.  It was already my favorite sweater but now I love it even more.

Finally, it appears my favorite blue blazer has been replaced/upgraded. Kate’s new jacket is very classy but too rich for me.  I prefer her more casual look.

(Source: Popsugar)

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