Closet Makeover

Most days our front entry is a disaster – a graveyard of shoes that drives me nuts.  I’m partially responsible, of course, but I will generally bring my shoes upstairs at some point.  Danny on the other hand wants his shoes downstairs at all times.  Unable to bear the closet disaster any longer I decided to take action, de-clutter and find a solution to our shoe problem.  I’m quite pleased with the results.
Where did everything go? Basically where it belonged.  I returned the pop bottles that should have been returned weeks ago.  I picked up a new kitchen trash can at IKEA and our old one is now set up in the basement for recycling.  Since we have a small kitchen and bathroom I replaced the large broom with a small dust pan and brush. The rest of the items needed to be thrown away, donated or moved to the basement.  The vacuum is currently in limbo and may go back to the closet or moved upstairs
As for organization, I am pleased with my solutions.  I found a shelf organizer at Meijer for $8 and it provides ample space for our two biggest problems – shoes and reusable bags.  I started hanging my heels in the closet on whatever item I could find a few weeks ago and for 89 cents I picked up a wood rod to rest on the already installed panels.
I definitely took a summer vacation from cleaning and now that fall is on the horizon I’m getting back to the swing of things.  An organized closet may seem like a small thing but it left me feeling refreshed and ready to tackle other trouble spots in the house.

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