Happy Friday!

I’m ashamed to admit I’m one of the people identified by Emma Watson in her speech to the United Nations.  For a long time I did not understand the meaning of the word feminism.  I let myself believe it was a dirty word and publicly declared on many occasions that I was an anti-feminist.  I commend my friends, classmates and professors for having patience with me.  A couple years ago I realized the error in my ways.  I wish I could point to a particular breakthrough but I can’t.  Regardless, I now know that feminism is about men and women having access to the same opportunities and being treated fairly. Today I am a proud feminist and enthusiastically support the #HeForShe campaign.
Off my soapbox and on to the weekend.  It’s a busy one. Kat is coming over and I will finally watch The Fault In Our Stars.  I wanted to read the book first but this is a better plan.  Saturday is action packed.  We get my favorite girl again.  I’m finally going to experience some Detroit Design Festival action with a Jane Jacobs walking tour in Midtown with Mom (and Gwen).  Following the walk I will be rushing home and freshening up to return downtown for Detroit Restaurant Week at Roast with a contingent of my in-laws.  I’m also hoping to check out Dlectricity as a post dinner activity.  Sunday is a memorial mass for Mrs. B, a photography trip at Hines Drive and Once Upon A Time watch party with Gina. To top it off Danny and I will also finish season 4 of Game of Thrones.

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