Happy Friday!

The Little Seed Farm is a blog I started reading a few years ago.  Now it’s a business and the blog is only updated on occasion.  James and Eileen (formerly known as Scrapple and Sweetbreads) are living the new American dream.  A few years ago they were working in Manhattan with successful but unsatisfying careers.  They took time to create a life plan that would be sustainable for their family and the planet.  The result: A goat farm in Tennessee that produces cheese, soap and lip balm. I admire their socially conscious, entrepreneurial spirit and like to believe it is a signature trait of this generation. 
I’m really excited for the weekend.  I have a big interview today and welcome all positive vibes.  To unwind we’ll be hitting the town tonight at an undetermined dinner location and the tree lighting ceremony at Campus Martius.  Tomorrow I’m meeting all four of my sister-in-laws for breakfast.  It’s my first time ever being alone with them and I’m excited to see them outside of a family gathering.  I’ll be booking it from there home because Tash is coming over for his first lesson in BSG the boardgame.  It will be a mini office reunion since Gina and Garrett will be over too.  Sunday, we’ll watch the Lions lose to the charming Tom Brady at Mr. B’s and Gina will come over to watch Once Upon A Time.

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