My Blog Roll

An early winter and a broken car disrupted my plans for the week. C’est la vie – at least I’m not in Buffalo. Since it appears we’ll be hunkering down and spending a lot of time indoors for the next few months I thought I’d share some of my favorite blogs.

The Essentials:
A Cup of Jo: One of the first blogs I ever read, JoAnna’s insight on New York sparked my interest in reading about life in other cities. Her blog is more than a lifestyle site, it’s thought provoking and introduces me to new ideas. She also does great home tours and interviews.  My favorite series is Motherhood Around the World and I look forward to it every year.  I’m fascinated by how others live and always learn interesting things.  The concept of writing about life in Detroit for this blog was greatly influenced by JoAnna.  Fun fact: She grew up in Michigan! Small world.

Cupcakes & Cashmere: Emily is a real-life Carrie Bradshaw (if Carrie lived in LA). She transformed her blog into an industry but remains true to her pre-fame concept. The blog world has gotten intense and many sites have started to rely heavily on sponsored posts. I don’t begrudge these writers but Emily stands out as someone who provides regular (twice a day!), original and authentic content. C&C is a fashion, food and lifestyle website that really sets the standard for other blogs.

Little Baby Garvin: A ‘mommy blog’ in the best ways, Jessica is living my dream: a gorgeous house, creative ideas and two beautiful daughters. She loves to celebrate all occasions and gives me great ideas for the holidays. She also inspired the chalkboard I put up in the dining room.  I appreciate her honesty about parenting and regularly pin her baby must-have lists.

The Minimalists:
Reading My Tea Leaves: I recently found this Brooklyn blogger site. Erin is a self proclaimed minimalist and since it’s a lifestyle I’m attracted to, I enjoy reading her tips.  She also shares thoughts about life in a tiny apartment with pictures and stories that help satisfy my love for New York.

Happy Yolks: Another recent find, this site leaves me feeling peaceful and hungry.  Beautiful pictures and delicious recipes.

The Content Sites:
The Every Girl: Technically a blog but really an online magazine, The Every Girl covers every topic imaginable: current events, personal finance, food, and amazing home tours. Multiple posts are shared throughout the day and I can always find something that captures my attention.

Just Us Gals: A trio of Boston friends manage this blog and it’s fun to read. My favorite part is the book club. January’s selection is The Power Of One, it takes place in South Africa and will fit into the on-going lit project.

Hither & Tither: Since we don’t travel like we’d like, I’m choosing to live vicariously through Ashley.  I’m not sure I would even want to travel as often as she appears to but I enjoy reading about her trips and seeing the pictures.  Providing content for her city travel posts was on my 2015 accomplishments list but, unfortunately, another blogger beat me to it.

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