Date Night 2016

 penobscott building downtown detroit
When we went to New York a couple years ago, topping my to-do list was a romantic evening with Danny atop the Empire State Building.  When we discovered this romantic evening would cost a hundred bucks for both of us (i.e. the cost of a fancy dinner in Detroit), we decided to forego the experience.  Now my dreams of recreating grand romantic moments a la Chuck and Blair live on.  Last week, the Penobscot building announced its plan to renovate and re-open* its observation deck.  This unexpected announcement is big news and date-night in Detroit is going to be a lot more exciting.
Reasons the Penobscot Building will be perfect for epic, romantic dates:
  • It’s less than a block away from the always hopping Campus Martius.
  • From the sky, the structure is easily identified by the red blinking light at it’s peak.
  • On the ground, the Talmer clock is iconic and at this point vintage in more ways than one.
  • The art deco designs both inside and out are stunning.
penobscott building downtown detroit

I’m eager to wait in line for an inevitably long elevator ride and hope someone thinks to sell flowers on the ground floor because the other thing I attribute to big cities is the ease (and affordability) in which you can purchase flowers.  And my Gossip Girl fantasies require pink peonies.  Here’s to 2016!

*The observation deck was open decades ago.

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