Happy Friday

Changing careers has been an interesting adventure. I’m trying to be kind with myself and allow for grace period to acclimate to this new lifestyle but time moves too quickly for patience. It’s been hard to make time for the gym, cleaning, running errands, maintaining relationships, not to mention reading or practicing the keyboard.  I hate using ‘I’ve been busy’ as an excuse because it feels like a cop-out but  it’s also accurate.  You live, you learn, you do better.  I’m in phase two.
Step one in working towards phase three happens tonight.  I’m meeting Melanie for drinks after work and I’m excited to catch up and learn about the things going on with the MEP girls.  I keep in touch with Tchinarold but I haven’t found time to make it for visit with the other girls.  Tomorrow, if the weather cooperates, I’ll be going with Mom, B and maybe Danny to Kensington for some ski action.  I really hope this works out because last weekend the blizzard kept me homebound. Sunday, is my first working weekend.  It’s not a long event but it will be my first opportunity for in the field action.  Fingers crossed it goes well.

2 thoughts on “Happy Friday

  1. I know what you mean about getting used to the change of careers. I just recently did the same. Good to hear that you're working on slowly fitting the rest of your life into a new schedule. Happy Friday !


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