Happy Friday!

I’m still not over Jon Stewart’s announcement. He is an icon of my generation and it’s an end of an era.  I’m sure whoever replaces him will be great but it will never be the same. I loved the Colbert Report but Stephen wasn’t Jon.  So to cheer myself up a little and include one last ode to President’s Day, this is my all-time favorite Daily Show clip.  Enjoy!

This weekend is massively busy.  Tonight is movie night with Kat.  She always brings the best cocktails and interesting movies, so I’m very intrigued by what the night holds.  I will try and refrain from talking her ear off (this really can be said for everyone I see this weekend).  Tomorrow morning I’m meeting Cara for breakfast.  Danny and I will go on another downtown date and meet Gina and Garrett for dinner. Sunday will be an early morning as I head to the Eastside for church with Granny.  Then we’re off to Canada to see my ‘honorary’ Grandpa Art. I haven’t seen him in forever and it will be nice to catch up, although I am not looking forward to going through customs.  I will inevitably pass out on the couch Sunday night.

P.S. Another favorite president

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