Happy Friday!

I learned something funny about myself last week, I don’t own modern movies. Kat came over for movie night and it was perfect. She brought When Harry Met Sally and I loved it! I’d never seen it before but now I will count it as a top movie choice. When it was time for movie #2 we dug into my collection and, if it wasn’t a television show, it was inevitably black and white. There are a couple outliers but only a very small number. It reminded me how much I adore classic films. I don’t watch them as often as I use to but I have a lovely collection. Tonight I think I’ll watch Wife v. Secretary or Adam’s Rib.

This weekend’s agenda is a fun one. Tonight we get our favorite baby. It’s been forever since we’ve had a sleepover and I can’t wait. I’m hoping tomorrow isn’t too cold because we’re taking Gwen on a mini-Detroit adventure. Then we will hit the library for some books and cuddle up inside. Sunday, Danny and I are going to enjoy an afternoon at the Detroit Symphony Orchestra for the Tchaikovsky Festival. In the evening, Gina is coming over for the return of Once Upon A Time. I’m hoping the show isn’t too painful…

P.S. Classic Oscar Dresses

Photo Source: Tumblr

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