Happy Friday!

My heart is on the loose these days. Danny and I have been keeping busy with several home projects and I love it. We decided to stay at our townhouse for a couple more years and wanted to make it feel like home. Unlike the home decor project at our first apartment, we are on the same page about what we want and there have been no exasperating conversations. Although, I’m not sure if Danny agrees with me or if he has simply given up – either way I’m happy to get my way.

This weekend I will be busy trying to finish up our projects. It’s a tall order especially since I work nearly all day Saturday. There is a huge event I’m helping with and it’s frustrating and intimidating. I have confidence in a lot of areas but I’m learning I need to be more confident in others – it’s a work in progress. Tonight, I’m hoping for an Operation Shamy 2.0 part 2. The plan is to have a game night with B and Tash; however, it might be rescheduled. I’m hoping it isn’t because my plan to set these two up is taking forever!

P.S. This perfectly represents me at work this week

Photo Source: I Waste So Much Time 

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