I try to stay away from the controversial but this is a personal blog and I am beyond thrilled by Hillary’s announcement that she’s running for president. As previously noted, my passion for elections has seriously waned since 2008. I was very active on her last campaign and was amply rewarded with separate professional photos with her and Bill. This time around I need no pictures, simply a win. Hillary Clinton is intelligent, level-headed, experienced and more than capable of turning things around. I would say with confidence that she’d have more knowledge about the White House and Congress than any former incoming president.
Equally important to me these days, is that she’s a woman. I will have many arguments with people in the next couple years that a woman can’t be president. The thought appalls me and I will consequently fight hard on the issue. For anyone with doubts reading this think about the women in your life and tell me she isn’t the person who gets the job done.

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