Happy Friday!

I often mention my Levinland peeps but my LCCers are equally as important and part of my life. I worked at the Livonia public library from 16 to 21 and the folks there have seen me at my lowest points and most dramatic (teenage years are rough). After all this time I still talk to, visit and see many of the people I worked with (in fact, one person I see every single day). I’m grateful for these relationships and the support I’ve received from them over the years. Aside from great friendships, the other fun thing about working at the library was the epic adventures and crazy stories. I’ll be catching up on the latest in library lore with Kat and Jack tonight and can’t wait. We’ve been WAY overdue for a hangout session.

After dinner, I’m heading downtown with Danny, Mom and B for some more casino nights – Danny’s considering Greektown this time. Tomorrow I will be working on the house. There is a lot of spring cleaning to be done and I also want to finish decorating our bedroom. In the evening, I’m having a girl’s night with Lindsey and we’re going to see Shakespeare In Detroit’s King Lear. I’m excited, especially since I don’t know the story – shameful I know. Sunday I’m meeting Cara at Kensington for an 8 mile walk. The exercise and girl time is very much needed. OUAT is back after a short hiatus and Gina will come over to watch some cringe-worthy television – and drink wine.

UPDATE: Season 5 of Game of Thrones starts Sunday! We will be watching that too.

P.S. Have you heard that Shakespeare’s a fraud?

Photo Source: Kat’s Facebook

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