Buttermilk Cake with Blood Orange Frosting

I don’t like using other people’s pictures for the blog but since I live a normal life, my cupcake holders for this week were leftover from Halloween and my vanity overpowers my desire to be original. Consequently, check out The Vanilla Bean Blog for the original recipe.

Since Lent is over, I’m back to making desserts for Mr. B. Danny’s mom always made a cake for him and served it with ice cream and coffee. It’s a tradition we maintain once a week when he’s over. Since he won’t take a cake home with him and we don’t eat cake, I usually convert recipes to cupcakes to more easily share with others. This Buttermilk Cake with Blood Orange Frosting recipe was delicious and easy to make.

For cupcakes, I doled a generous tablespoon in the cupcake holder and baked for 15 minutes. The frosting recipe required a couple alterations for preference. I made half the amount of frosting but used an entire orange for zest and juice, it enhanced the flavor and if I made a full batch I would use two oranges. I also added my favorite frosting ingredient – shortening. When I tasted the recipe as is, it tasted too much like butter. A fifth cup of shortening a little extra powdered sugar helped give it a better texture and flavor.

It’s a perfect spring/summer treat and I’ll be adding it to my list of go-to desserts.

Photo source: The Vanilla Bean Blog

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