Happy Friday!

So the real news of the week was the birth of Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana. I am completely awed by the fact this picture was taken a few hours after her birth. Childbirth has an awful reputation but post-birth pictures (and public events) sends mixed messages. It’s not just Kate, I saw Lindsey and Gina hours after their babies were born and they were normal as can be. I’m befuddled by all of this and will continue to be mystified for the time being. In the interim, I look forward to the official royal pictures being released. Price George is such a cutie.
This weekend will be pretty low-key. Tonight we’re going to the Shireman’s for a Bond themed evening and I’m excited for a delicious dinner. Saturday, we’re going to Eastern Market and spending the evening with the Hakalas. Sunday, we’re taking Mom on the town for Mother’s Day. And I will endure a painful 2-hour finale of Once Upon A Time – drinks will be had!
Photo Source: The Mirror

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