West Village

The Villages are a great example that all the recovery and revitalization activity in Detroit isn’t limited to the downtown corridor. The Villages are made up of a cluster of neighborhoods including Indian Village, the Gold Coast and West Village. Located on the Jefferson Avenue thoroughfare, it benefits from close proximity to the Detroit River and is minutes from Belle Isle. Agnes Street in West Village has been a hot spot for awhile now. Red Hook cafe, Detroit Vegan Soul, Craftworks brewery and other shops create a cozy hideaway inside the beautiful historic neighborhood. When Danny and I went to check out the highly talked about Sister Pie I expected to find the shop there. It wasn’t until a quick stroll down the street that we succumbed to GPS and it guided us a couple blocks north.

Sister Pie is located on Kercheval and Parker Street. It’s not alone at this location, Parker Street Market is across the street; however, there is a lot of development opportunity surrounding the shop and I expect that it is only the start of great additions to the neighborhood. Like many new businesses in Detroit, Sister Pie is a home-grown business that gained a prominent reputation and a storefront in a relatively short period (it launched in November 2012). In addition to hard-work and dedication, the bakery has found success with support from FoodLab and D:Hive.

I first learned about Sister Pie last year while at Live Coal Gallery and have kept the business card pinned on my blog board ever since. I was excited to finally taste the product and was not disappointed. The Honey Lemon Meringue met all expectations. Fresh and light, it was very hard to share with Danny. Fresh and light is also an appropriate way to describe the bakery. It’s a beautiful use of an old building, the open concept is welcoming and includes my new favorite thing – a community table. Since Sister Pie is strategically located by Good Shepherd, I look forward to Sunday morning visits to test out other flavors – the chocolate coconut is calling my name.

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