Happy Friday!

I’m notorious for watching shows/movies because they include my peeps and it drives Danny crazy. When I learned Lady Jayne Fonda (Lily Tomlin and Martin Sheen) was getting a show on Netflix I was thrilled and knew that I’d watch. I didn’t plan on marathoning Grace & Frankie last weekend but I did and it was nice to get back to my professional tv watching status – 13 episodes in 6.5 hours straight. Fonda and Tomlin are fantastic together and their friendship is heartwarming and hilarious. I have no idea how Netflix series works so my question is when does season 2 start?!?

As for this weekend, I’m excited to say I don’t have any real plans. It’s a 3-day holiday weekend for both of us – which is a bit rare. Tonight I’ll see Melissa’s new digs. Tomorrow, Brett and Lindsey are kicking off bonfire season. At some point we’ll have Cara and Matt over. Monday, Mr. B will come over for a BBQ. Danny and I are also going to attempt another Detroit blogging adventure -lately we end just going downtown, having a good time and taking zero pictures. In between all that, I will read, relax and RUN! Can’t wait.

P.S. More on Jane Fonda, fashion icon

Photo credit: Tumblr

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