Happy Friday

When you have a rough week sometimes the one thing that can cheer you up is these two in a room together. Mary and Eddie were at PhoenixCon this past weekend and Tumblr doesn’t disappoint. These two are perfect together and I will continue my endless hope that he will make an appearance on Major Crimes. It was announced Jamie Bamber will be on so we’re getting closer but still the wrong Adama…

This weekend is action packed. Tonight Ann is coming to dinner. It’ll be nice to see her, I plan to give her tips on how to have a stress-free wedding. Tomorrow Danny and I are driving to Aurora, IL for Jess’ graduation party and BACK home. Lots of quality time with my Wordbird and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Sunday, I’ll see a contingent of Levinland peeps. It’s definitely needed. Six months later and I miss them now as much as ever.

P.S. Another thing to cheer me up – my latest man crush

Photo credit: Tumblr

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