Happy Friday

For the first time since blogging with purpose I was unable to post during the week. I don’t like it but perhaps I needed a little break. The main reason I didn’t blog is because I wasn’t home. I could have stayed up late or gotten up early but a single blog post generally takes an hour to write. This week I needed my beauty sleep. Life is changing and change isn’t easy but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing. I hate cryptic messages so I’ll say everything in life in great, except the transition from Levinland continues to be an adjustment. I know everything will work out and am not concerned but it did take it’s toll.
This weekend I will have time to get back to blogging business. Tonight Dad comes for dinner (even he was pushed to Friday!) and I’m going to babysit Kensley. Tomorrow, I’ll see Cara and go on a group outing with Danny’s friends. Sunday I may hit the town. It depends mostly on the weather. I’m hoping we have some sunshine because I have only been able to run twice this week.

P.S. A potential weekend project

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