Happy Friday!


Today has been a fantastic day filled with fun and even misadventure.  I had a perfect coffee date with a new acquaintance. We had a great conversation and I didn’t even feel like we only met this week. I’m hopeful that we’ll get together again soon. Afterwards, I went to Danny’s work for a short visit before walking back downtown. That’s where the misadventure comes in, I thought Kerry and I were meeting downtown for coffee when really it was Midtown. Fortunately, Danny was able to get me there in time and the beautiful weather made walking back downtown a no-brainer.  It’s a typical walk for a New Yorker and most urbanites but in the Motor City we rarely walk between neighborhoods. I think it’s changing a little and will change even more once new buildings fill in empty space and the M-1 rail helps connect the area and breaks down metal barriers. Never tired of walking, I went on a mini-photoshoot along Woodward and took in the Detroit vibes. There are always more people and activity in the city and it’s incredible to witness. If you’re in the area I highly recommend going downtown this weekend for Detroit River Days, there will be a lot of people, activity and fun.

My Detroit love is at peak levels and I’ll be back all weekend. Tomorrow I’m hitting up the Market and hope the beignet truck is there. I also want to pick up some flowers. In the evening, we’re going to a bonfire at the Hakalas. Sunday will be extra quality time with them at River Days. I’m excited to see my girl but I know she won’t be happy to see me. Gina will come over Sunday night for our weekly run and I’d like to see Cara if she’s free. Tonight, Mom, B and I are going to the drive-in to see Inside Out and Avengers 2.  

P.S.  My favorite documentary

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