River Days

GM River Days, Detroit MI Renaissance Center

The first day of summer didn’t disappoint. We went to GM River Days with the Hakalas and it was a warm, sunny afternoon on the river with plenty of fun, family-friendly activity. Here are some highlights:

GM River Days, Detroit MI

Beautiful dancers put on a show.

GM River Days, Detroit MI

This jet ski surfer attracted a ton of attention and it was fascinating to see this contraption in person. Later in the afternoon there were fighter pilots and an air show.

GM River Days, Detroit MI

Our little ladies enjoying the fountains. It was so hot out they dried quickly.

GM River Days, Detroit MI #PureMichigan

All along the Riverfront there is #PureMichigan Instagram collages taken by residents and visitors. Quality marketing and plenty of proof that we live in the best state. Further down the river the DNR had a dozen activities for the girls to check out. They were too young for archery and rock climbing but they could put out a ‘fire’ with a hose, practice hunting skills in a virtual game, see live reptiles AND discover fun facts about Michigan. Did you know we grow the largest number of diverse plants after California (and unlike California we have water).

River Days 2015

Our monthly couple shot. I appear to be shrinking…

River Days 2015

Our travelling companions were happier than (some of them) look.

GM River Days, Detroit MI

This shot is from the inside of the Renaissance Center. It looks beachy here and even through there was no sand, the heat played its part.

I can’t say enough good things about the Riverfront and highly recommend checking it out this summer (or fall). There are a lot of scheduled activities but it’s also fun to stroll and enjoy the sights.

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