Happy Friday

jon stewart, stephen colbert

Well an era is over and I can’t help but wonder when I’ll be interested in broadcast news again. Losing Colbert was rough but at least he’s moving on to something new. Stewart walking away is a more bitter pill to swallow. I give him a lot of credit for doing it but he’ll be missed – especially during election season. Comedians or not these guys were my trustworthy news anchors and they leave behind a void. A number of similar satire news shows have come on the air in the last couple years but none of them do it quite as well. I’m holding out hope farm life will inspire Stewart to write another book.

Today’s a busy day, I’m running errands and then taking a road trip down to Monroe for some pool time with my Levinladies and their kiddos. In the evening we’re going to my favorite restaurant by our house, Pizza e Vino, with Kristin and Paul. Tomorrow, I’m going to a baby shower and will hang out with some nieces for a bit afterwards. I’m hoping this also leaves us time to go to the drive-in for the Marvel double feature: Fantastic 4 and AntMan. Mom and I are watching The Astronaut Wives Club via On Demand and will catch up on that this weekend too (although I learned from my mole that she tends to watch without me). Sunday, Gina will come over for our weekly walk and HGTV watch night.

P.S. One of my favorite Stewart-Colbert moments

Photo source: Fanshare

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