Happy Friday!

Detroit, Mark Twain
Mark Twain’s legacy lives on in Detroit. I noticed this street sign when I was driving around town

During our summer trip Up North I stopped by a bookshop in Ludington and picked up Mark Twain’s autobiography. This 500 page read wasn’t quick but it was entertaining. I spent most my time, shaking my head in amazement at how this man lived so successfully. He was AWFUL with money. He lost more money at a given time than I make in a year and this was 150 years ago! Samuel Clemens wrote the book late in life with the understanding that it wouldn’t be published until 100 years after his death. The reason is he wanted to make sure the people he wrote about (and their immediate relatives) would all be dead and his honesty wouldn’t be offensive. His talent and legacy are well deserved and the book is filled with antidotes of suspicious (but entertaining) character, brutal lambasting of his enemies, painful stories of bad investments, sweet (and heartbreaking) family memories and respectful tributes to those he admired. If you’re looking for a good leisurely read I recommend picking it up.

Today Gina and I will hang out. In the evening she and Garrett will come over and the Hakalas for the MSU game, a game of BSG and/or a very long round of Twilight Imperium. I actually have no plans on Saturday – very unusual. The Notre Dame game in the evening but the day is mine to adventure or sleep… probably the latter. Sunday, Jack is coming for brunch. I’m making my favorite french toast and hoping I can actually eat it! Gina will come over in the evening for our round of HGTV. Glory for a holiday weekend! Monday Danny and I are going to Cara and Matt’s for dinner. Matt is a fabulous chef and I can’t wait to see what he prepares.

P.S. I want this ‘Twain’ book… and all all the other offerings

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