Happy Friday

ralph waldo emerson

Unexpected life events, inevitably make you consider how you live. This Emerson quote hits the mark and pretty well summarizes the Roosevelt Standard I strive for. I’ve got some work to do in the useful part – I could benefit from an energy boost –  but feel like I’m on the right track in the other areas. It’s a work in progress but that’s what life is for.

Weekend plans? Hard to say. Today I plan to go downtown for lunch. Melissa is coming over tonight for walk – lord knows I need it! My fitness levels are at record lows. Tomorrow, I want to see at least most of the MSU game, I hope to see my Levinladies for a meet-up and my uncle who’s in from out of town. It’s also Maddy’s birthday so we’ll be stopping her party. Sunday, I don’t know that I have any plans – it’s very unusual so I’ll have to check my calendar. Inevitably I’ll watch those dreaded Lions.

P.S. My guidebook

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