Happy Friday


It’s an end of an era in more ways than one. With speculation that Daniel Craig is done with Bond my interest in the series will probably decline and – equally as pressing – this will probably be our last late night movie outing for a while. To commemorate such a momentous occasion we may even splurge for an overpriced popcorn combo.

Other weekend plans… I work Saturday morning, our afternoon will be spent watching the Irish with Mr. B and maybe we’ll see Brett and Lindsey in the evening. Prior to a busier schedule, I had hoped to go to Henry Ford Museum’s $5 Day. I’m not ruling it out but if you need something to do, it’s SO much fun! Sunday is the actual date of the church service that will recognize Danny’s mom and we’ll spend time with his family. Gina will come over in the evening for some OUAT.

P.S. Another movie must

(Photo Source: The Mary Sue)

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