Happy Friday


My life is completely tied to paper, if it’s not physically written down I’m bound to forget about it. Target has cute and cheap planners/notebooks that I would be lost without. They also help keeping New Year resolutions a bit more fun. Week one of the new year and resolutions are holding steady(ish). I’ve made it 7 days without sweets – even though there are many tempting options at home. I don’t know where I’m going with this goal long-term but I’d at least like to stick to it for 21 days. We set up a budget and are monitoring it but it may be overly ambitious. We’ll see what happens and continue to do our best. One area we are undoubtedly making strides is meal planning [recipes to be posted Monday]. It’s not a flawless activity but again our commitment is at peak levels.

As for the weekend. Tonight Kat and I continue our SaTC watchathon. I will even be making food. I say making since it’s really just steaming frozen tomales from Honey Bee Market; however, it is authentic so I feel that it counts. Tomorrow, our new washer/dryer arrives anytime in a 12 hour period (will they actually make it?). It was one of those unexpected expenses but fortunately, our debt free lifestyle means it’s not a big deal. It’s also Lindsey’s birthday! We’ll party with them for a bit – although I’d just as happily watch my girl… Sunday, I’m heading to the eastside for the last service at Good Shepherd. It’s such a beautiful church, I’m very sad it will be closing. Even though it’s a different location than the church we grew up going to, it has so many of the same people it’s a bit of a time capsule and end of an era. I will also be doing a TON of reading. I have three great books I’m working on and it really helps with my goal to cut down on screentime. That said…

P.S. Another Netflix series to watch

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