Dinners with Dad


I really should have done this years ago but better late than never (my motto lately).

Danny’s mom passed away, shortly before we were married. She was an amazing woman who took such good care of her family – especially her husband. It’s hard to know what to do in situations like that and I decided weekly dinners. A homemade meal, some company and a game can help break up a week.

For the past three years we’ve had a standing dinner date – a solid meal (with vegetables), coffee/ice cream/cake for dessert and enough food for leftovers. Official dinner time is 6 p.m. but he never comes at 6 p.m., he comes at 5:30 ( he leaves early to avoid bad traffic*). Most days, he beats me home and on the rare occasion he’s not over by 5:40, I wonder if he’s ok.

He’s a FOX News Republican (although not a Trumper thank goodness!) and I am a blue blood liberal. We have learned to avoid politics more often than not but on occasion the apathetic politico will bring it up. I’m happy to say we can often find agreement on issues and when we reach that point we are both happy to end the discussion before it takes a negative turn.

A few months ago we started watching Battlestar Galactica. I’m not sure he loves the show – although, he does love Tricia Hefler – but he says he wants to watch it every week. His level of interest aside, I do know that he is giving it a try because he knows I love it.

Above and beyond that, is his recent agreement to watch Lucas once a week for us. Not only will this save us a lot of money on daycare, it will give me peace of mind and all of us good memories.

Growing up I always wanted a close relationship with my Dad and now I have one. Yes, calls at 11 a.m. on a work day about what came in the mail can be a little tedious and I often cringe at his Archie Bunker-like remarks but the trade off is that I have someone who will watch BSG with me, bring me a pint of Haggen-Daz (which he whole-heartedly believes is not as good or healthy as slow-churned and too expensive) and take on 8 hour days with a baby – quite possibly his first full-day baby experience ever.

I feel very lucky to have three Budzinski men in my life.

*He lives less than 3 miles away
**We haven’t been taking many pictures lately and my photographer is a bit rusty

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