Happy Friday


In college I went through a serious Alan Rickman celeb crush phase. I watched every movie and YouTube video I could find. He has remained on my favorite actor list and it was only a year or so ago that Lindsey and I watched one of the creepiest movies ever simply because he was in it. They say celebrity death has such an impact on people because they feel a sense a loss for the emotions that person inspired. Alan Rickman inspired many positive emotions for me and others, he was a great artist and a talent that will not be forgotten.

As for real life, tonight is game night with the Hakalas. Not BSG but I do hope we’ll use the BSG icons… Danny was also sweet and negotiated a Gwen sleepover for me. I’ve certainly felt Gwen deprived of late and I can’t wait to hangout with her. She’s growing up so quickly it’s so fun to watch. Saturday is seriously busy. Gwen in the morning, visiting Cara in the afternoon and a Piston’s game with Melissa and Phil in the evening – lots of coffee will be had! Sunday is Kallan’s baptism and Gina will probably come over in the evening to hang out. Monday is MLK Day, I’m going to go to take pictures at an event for work and then Kat is coming for some serious Sex and the City tv watching. Lots of fun to be had.

P.S. RIP Alan Rickman

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