Planning on this being my last bump picture and doing a re-take with baby Lucas in my arms really soon! I’ve checked off all the pre-labor signs except the actual labor so I’m anxious and impatient.

Wanting this dress from H&M. It wasn’t at the store this weekend so I picked up a shirt instead. It is far more practical for breastfeeding and I can’t wait for it fit!

Eating  food I’m not cooking. Mom has me hooked on some tuna pasta salad and she keeps bringing it to me. Danny and I have been having Del Taco’s shrimp tacos on Friday for Lent.

Feeling massively out of shape! I went on a mile walk with Danny this weekend and could hardly make it back. I went on 3 more mile long walks with no problem. This is the longest I have ever gone without working out since high school and it’s painful. Getting back into shape will be an uphill battle but I am looking forward to it – bring on the spin class! In the meantime, I’m stair walking – 100 flights tonight.

Excited for March. I’ve already fallen for Target’s holiday decor and picked up St. Patrick’s Day garland. I wish Easter was later this year because there are some cute Easter decorations I want too. I don’t know if I will decorate but I do know Lucas will be getting this cute basket.

Thinking about summer vacation/weekend getaway. We aren’t doing anything extravagant but we do want to go somewhere for our first family vacation. I voted Cleveland for proximity and Bakers Square pie. Danny is interested in Toronto. Either way a summer escape is sounding pretty good with weather reports of a foot of snow.

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