Happy Friday!


The thing I undoubtedly miss most about my previous job is Paul. He was a fantastic work buddy and made everyday bearable. He’s so sweet and thoughtful, he is possibly the only person to buy me something that I am excited to hang on my wall. This Captain America tile is so perfect I can’t wait to hang it up. It would be up already, except it’s heavier than a regular nail can handle and we’re going to have to get creative. Here’s hoping we can get it up before Lucas arrives.

That last part is loaded. Optimism in large part. He’s not due for another week but Tuesday’s doctor appointment went and got my hopes up. Since then I’ve been anxious (and literally unable to sleep – not cool) and trying tricks to get this show on the road. Unfortunately, they aren’t working as hoped. So I have some checks on the list, the biggies of contractions/water breaking are a no-go. Consequently, I’ll be alternating between walking and sleeping this weekend to balance things out. Hopefully, the only place I see Gina is at the hospital because I think if we have our usual hangout she will be in tears!

P.S. For Gina

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