First Easter Basket

Easter Collage

Hard to believe but Easter is less than a week away. Holidays are always more fun with kids and I think Easter is the prime example. It’s probably the only holiday where there aren’t non-church related festivities for grown-ups. I definitely haven’t had a basket or egg hunt in nearly two decades!

Now that I have a reason to participate in the superficial parts of Easter I can’t wait! Heck, I was so excited I found myself attracted to chick baskets and an outfit with a character bottom!

  1. Basket: I’m generally not one for cutesy things but this basket is simply too adorable to pass up. To my chagrin it was in-store only and never available at the three Targets by me. Thankfully, B took on the case and found it for Lucas!
  2. Books: Growing up books were the main component of our Easter basket and I loved it. I hope Lucas shares my love of reading and these two books touch on both sides of the holiday. The ABCs of God loves me is a book I’ve read countless times to Cindel and I can’t resist anything with the word peep so Peep and Ducky it is. Plus, Lucas reminds me of a little ducky.
  3. Toys: We have limited engagement in this area but a lamb rattle is certainly age appropriate and cute. I have a major thing for wood toys and this Etsy seller has a couple of great options. This is great for a baby but we might buy the multi-egg carton for more use down the road.
  4. Outfit: On the whole I’m opposed to cartoon outfits but tis the season. I’ll make an exception for special occasions.

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